How to “add existing frameworks” in Xcode 4?
I can't find the good old "Add existing frameworks" option. How do I do this?

We're talking about Xcode 4 DP2 (in the context of iPhone development, as far as it matters...).
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Gino Medhurst Created at: 2013-11-13 17:07:17 UTC By Gino Medhurst
"Add existing framework" is such a Visual Studio thing to do... damn that Microsoft for making development seem easy. - Reyes Koss
I can't believe that: a. there's a (integrated, none the less) IDE+SDK out there in 2012 that still doesn't make clear how to add one of the bundled frameworks to a project. b. such a (normally) trivial subject got so much attention. c. the solution in so convoluted. - Oma Barton
I kept right-clicking the Frameworks folder in my project figuring there should be a contextual menu item there for this; there isn't, and xcode, somewhat like the over-extended iTunes app, is often not consistent, logical or intuitive. Sadly, with my xCode version (4.4), using help menu search crashed the app just as the relevant help page came up. I'm one update behind the latest xCode release, but switching horses with an overdue deadline seems like a bad idea (even though I hope they fixed the "help" crashing in the update) - Lucinda Grant
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In project

1) Select the project navigator

2) Click on Build Phages

3) And click on link binary with libraries

4) And add +Button and add your Frameworks
I would like to point out that if you can't find "Link Binaries With Libraries" in your build phases tab click the "Add build phase" button in the lower right corner.
I've found a blog where this point is really nice explained.
I just added the existing framework folder manually into the project navigator. Worked for me.
As per Apple's documentation:

In the project navigator, select
your project  
Select your target
Select the 'Build Phases' tab
Open 'Link Binaries With Libraries'
Click the '+' button
Select your framework
(optional) Drag and drop the added
framework to the 'Frameworks' group
Another easy way to do it so that it is referenced in the project folder you want, like "Frameworks", is to:

Select "Show the Project navigator"  
Right-click on the project folder you wish to add the framework to.  
Select 'Add Files to "YourProjectName"'  
Browse to the framework - generally under /Developer/SDKs/MacOSXversion.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks  
Select the one you want.  
Select "Add"  

It will appear in both the project navigator where you want it, as well as in the "Link Binary With Libraries" area of the "Build Phases" pane of your target.
The frameworks directory is as follow in my computer: 

not the directory


Follow below 5 steps to add your framework

Click on Project Navigator.
Select Targets (Black arrow in the below image).
Select Build phases ( Blue arrow in the below image).
Click on + Button (Green arrow in below image).
Select your framework from list.
for more details you can go here

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